Liatai (thelabbench) wrote,

More Veronaville Madness; Eleventh Division

I have WAY too many screencaps to put in a Capslock Bleach post; especially of the Eleventh Division. So, here's a sampling of things that they did this week!

One little fukutaichou jumping on the bed! That's Kenpachi's bed, by the way, with its eye-bleeding color-clashing sheets.

Dance party! Kenpachi does not dance.

Yumichika has some pretty sweet moves, though. He must have picked them up from his robot boyfriend, Gackupoid.

Ikkaku does not dance, either. He plays chess, plans... and waits.

A montage of Yumichika fixing the shower. Fanservice? (Some of you may remember my saying that his housemates' messes were driving Yumichika crazy. This is photographic proof. Kenpachi breaks the shower a third of the time he uses it... XD)

"@#$% taichou..."
Tags: bleach, eleventh division, gaming, sims sunday
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