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The Saga of Ukitake's Crackfic Wedding

Okay, so. Recently, on capslock_bleach , there has been a trend of Sims Sunday posts, where people post screenshots of things that have happened to their Bleach Sims that week. It inspired me to start up a new file on The Sims 2, and to go on an extra-content-downloading frenzy. After making some Bleach Sims of my own and setting them loose in Veronaville, I figured I'd use some of the extra content I got from Genesims to make some OCs of mine that I had never been satisfied with when I'd tried to make them before in The Sims.

Namely because they're not human.

Guess who my Ukitake decided to fall in love with.

This is the lucky girl. Her name is Allie Felarion, and she is, as you can see, an anthropomorphic cat. Yeah, I'll admit it, I like anthros. They're fun to draw and fun to write for, although I'm not really into the yiffy stuff.

Allie and Ukitake met while Shunsui was out for Kenpachi's blood. See, Kenpachi has some sort of crackfic romance going on with Shunsui's Nanao-chan, and Shunsui HATES it. Ukitake was putting up with Shunsui's grousing, Captain-General Yamamoto Genryuusai Oldguy's crazy ranting about war between naps, and Nanao mooning over the captain of Eleventh, but his mood was plummeting, and he wanted to meet new people. He needed a friend. Allie and Ukitake are the two nicest Sims in all of Veronaville, so when they started talking, they hit it off quickly.

They developed a solid friendship. Whenever one of them was down, the other would come over, and a few pillow fights later, they would both be smiling and laughing, ready to take on the day. They had tons of interests in common, although their conversations always seemed to drift to crime in some way (I blame the fact that Allie's sister is in law enforcement).

That's when these thought bubbles started popping up. Whenever Allie and Ukitake passed each other, one of them would get one of these. I remember distinctly thinking "Uh-oh."

Then they started tickling each other instead of defaulting to pillow fighting. Uh-oh.



It happened that fast. My Ukitake seems to be a furry. XD

Now, despite the inter-species thing going on, I kind of thought it was sweet. The two of them are both Family Sims, so I knew that they would stick together and maybe have many children. The geneticist in me had its curiosity piqued. Plus, they are, as I said, the two nicest Sims in Veronaville. Their romance would be full of sugary-sweet kisses, hugs, and I-love-yous, which they would both eat up. They were perfect for each other... if it wasn't for the fact that she was a cat and he was a shinigami.

Sounds like a TV drama, doesn't it? XD Add to that the fact that there were several obstacles in their way to wedded bliss.

This is the first. Allie's sister, Crystal. Don't let her cuteness while sleeping fool you, she's pretty darn tough. She's got maybe the fourth-highest Body skill in Veronaville, after members of the Eleventh company and Yamamoto. This is the sister who's in law enforcement. This is also the sister who is very overprotective of her little sibling. Allie is a pacifist. Crystal will snap your arm like a chicken wing if you cross her. Ukitake needed to gain her acceptance.

Fortunately, that was helped by the fact that Crystal and Nanao are BFFs. XD They meet for chess all the time. Here, they're gossiping about Yumichika, the resident playboy.

They wound up playing Punch-You, Punch-Me. I have the feeling Crystal was sizing Ukitake up, seeing if he could take a punch, while at the same time showing him that she could easily break him if he broke Allie's heart. (Which, funnily, is much the same thing she did in the story she comes from to Allie's husband when she heard they were getting married; size him up and warn him. XD) Apparently, he passed the Crystal test, since they became close friends shortly after this. Yay!

About the same time as Ukitake was taking the Crystal test, Tite Kubo stopped by. Gulp. I sent Allie to talk to him. What would he think of what was happening to his character?

"That's crackier than anything I could ever come up with! Go ahead!" XD

So, since Allie seemed to meet Kubo's approval, I sent Allie to meet Ukitake's family, only to find another problem. Yamamoto did not approve of Allie. At all.

Fortunately, Allie made him laugh with a comment about recent chapters. "Oh, no, no, no, as you can see, rumors of my exploding were greatly exaggerated." XD Oldguy approval GET!

Shunsui, on the other hand, just found the whole thing funny as hell.

Now, they both want to get engaged, so I'm trying to introduce them to as many Bleach Sims as I can so that their wedding can be a huge festival of Bleach crack. I will take many screencaps. ^^
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