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Weekly Scientific Fact

All lipids are insoluble in water. In fact, that's what makes them lipids; by definition, biomolecules that cannot be dissolved in aqueous solutions are lipids. This includes steroids, some vitamins, fatty acids, triglycerides (three fatty acids attached to a glycerol base), and a variety of other compounds.

As a side note, "fat" as we know it is just a triglyceride. "Saturated" fats and fatty acids are ones which contain no double bonds on their hydrophobic "tails" (the chain of carbon molecules attached to the lipid's more polar, hydrophilic head). They are saturated with hydrogen molecules at every carbon. "Unsaturated" fatty acids have double bonds between some of the carbons; most often, these bonds are at carbons 9, 12, and/or 15 on the chain.
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