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Sorry for the double post, but...

So, um. You might have noticed that this week's scientific fact was a little late. That was for good reason... well, not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless.

Over the past few days, my computer has been freezing constantly whenever I've tried to use it for more than ten minutes. I took it in to a computer help-desk yesterday to look at, thinking that it might have been a virus of some kind... Well, long story short, my hard drive is borked.

Fortunately, my computer is still under warranty, so my computer's manufacturers are able to send me a new one for free, but I'm going to be very scarce online for the next few days while I sort things out. (I was really lucky; my warranty was running out in two days. XD) I need to back up all of my files and reinstall everything... If anyone who was roleplaying with me is reading this, do you mind if we pick up any threads later? I really can't spend any appreciable time online right now. ^^;

*goes back to work getting all her files in order*
Tags: computer problems, something's borked again
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